Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Afghan Christian Released

Reading this story reminds me of how good we have it in America and other countries where we can worship freely...

Afghan Christian convert is released

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Church We Wished Exisisted...

This is a great post I came across today:

The Church That Doesn't Exist

I would like a church that doesn't spend over 80% of their budget on property and salaries.

Let me know your thoughts...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Interesting Program

I ran across this site today and it really grabbed my attention...I'm thinking about doing something similar here in town.

Global Knowledge

Monday, March 06, 2006

40 Life Lessons

I found these today from Rebecca Mayer...some of them are pretty good.

Life Lessons:

1) Just because someone tells me to follow them doesn’t mean they know where they’re going.

2) Even if I am naïve, I should try not to look naïve.

3) Perfection cannot be achieved even after three rounds of editing.

4) The monkey bars were not meant to be licked—especially during the winter.

5) When people are critiquing your work, they are not critiquing you.

6) Sometimes you have to say no to the people you love.

7) You always produce a better result when you’re well-rested.

8) Feelings cannot always be rationalized.

9) If you’re short, buy short jeans. You’ll never get around to actually hemming the ones you keep saying you will.

10) Be satisfied with the moment you’re living in instead of longing for the satisfaction of the next.

11) Taking out the garbage is essential to an odor-free home.

12) God uses willing people, not capable ones.

13) Never settle for second best.

14) Long road trips are good times to pray.

15) You will always look back at yourself three years ago and think you were a dork.

16) Correcting people who aren’t willing to be corrected is pointless.

17) Don’t eat if you’re not hungry.

18) Unless you’re craving chocolate …

19) Some guys do not return phone calls if you leave too long of a voice mail. It’s better to just say, “Hi, this is Becca. Give me a call,” so they’re actually curious about why you’re calling and call you back.

20) When buying short jeans isn’t an option, just accept your fate and settle for the fashion industry’s idea of the average woman and buy 32-inch inseam jeans anyway.

21) Don’t lie if you’re holding the evidence.

22) Or just don’t lie.

23) Well, it might be OK to lie if a fortysomething bald man is hitting on you in a coffee shop.

24) Life is not measured by how many people you dated in high school.

25) If you’re going over to someone’s house and they live in a development area where all the houses look exactly the same, double check before walking in.

26) Just because you forgive someone does not mean that you have to immediately trust that person.

27) For some people, “maturity” is always a destination yet to be reached.

28) If you just want to talk about it, talk to Mom.

29) If you want advice, talk to Dad.

30) Sometimes God spares me of things—without my consent. And I am grateful later.

31) Even though a person showers gifts on you, it doesn’t always mean he or she truly loves you.

32) You won’t lose your salvation if you get a tattoo.

33) Don’t go walking down dark allies at night.

34) Always take the scenic route.

35) Everyone has a personality flaw.

36) Hats are the fashion industry’s solution to days when you don’t feel like trying but still want people to say, “You look cute today.”

37) Being in need is not a bad thing.

38) Listening is way more important than talking.

39) If you’re visiting another country, buy souvenirs that you’ll actually use. No more of those Eiffel Tower key chains …

40) And lastly, as my friend Jeff said, “Life lessons are worthless without concrete application.”

New Photos Added

I just added some new photos of Cayden at:


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