Monday, June 18, 2007


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Freedom—I want to be free.

I want to hold back the hands that cut, unlock the prison doors, dance in the sun rise and swim in the waves. I want to scream truth louder than the lies, give the hungry, thirsty, homeless and poor everything they need to meet every single need they have and will have. I want to not be crippled by my past and shortcomings. I want to encourage rather than gossip. I want to bring healing. I want to comfort those who mourn. I want to proclaim victory. I want to lead the way to freedom. Where children can laugh and dance and be embraced by their parents. Where the poor are rich and the last are first. Where addictions are weak and chains are broken. Where the only blood that will be shed has shed and cheeks know not the touch of tears. Where hearts are confident in love and community thrives in fellowship. Where slavery is nonexistent. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom.

I really believe on a deep level that you are reading this, and you agree. I really believe on a deep level that this desire is written on our hearts that beat and long to be intimately known and intimately loved, reverberating with souls craving intimate acceptance and intimate freedom. The rocks don’t need to cry out. Our hearts are loud enough.

I don’t claim Jesus of Nazareth because I think it makes me better than you on any falsely-determined level. I don’t claim Jesus of Nazareth because He told or forced me to. I claim Jesus of Nazareth because He didn’t just say these needs needed to be met and someone should do something about that. I claim Jesus of Nazareth because He rose up and met them, because He broke addictions, because He ended slavery, because He conquered evil, speaks only truth, comforts those who mourn and grasps every starving heart and holds it to His. I claim Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ because He proclaimed freedom to prisoners and liberty to captives.

I cannot offer you that kind of love. I claim the man who can.

Verily, today there is freedom.


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