Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's the night before Logan's 2 month birthday and he's taking his first plane ride tomorrow. Cayden is 2 1/2 tomorrow and it's his 100th flight. Amazing how time flies, literally...

I've been dealing a lot lately with the issues of simplicity. How does it look for someone in middle class America who has a good job, good home and a good family. How can one live out "simplicity" where we're at, and how does that differ from someone else in the inner city, say the Camden House, The Simple Way or other similar groups.

I'm getting closer to the position that God calls us all to different lifestyles, but it's what we do with our resources and how tightly we hold them that is the true issue. I've found myself ready to clean my office and closets over the past few weeks, but then realized two things---what is my motivation for doing so? Am I truly doing it out of a giving and sacrificial heart or to "check of the box" and feel good about myself.

The second thing is I realize how materialistic I really am as when I pick something up I can find a reason to justify why I can't give that away---point proven.

I really got to thinking more after reading Joshua's post over here:

He seems to have it right---at least in the mindset...oh well. Pressing forward for a busy week...and trying to do my best to keep my eyes on Him and off of me.


  • Just noticed the Flickr contact/friend thought I'd explore your blog, too.

    Brilliant photo of the 2 month old. My own kiddo -- first child -- is going to hit 11 months this coming week; still feels like the '2 month' birthday was only a few days ago.

    Enjoy the early days!

    Cheers...and look forward to your Flickr stream and blog posts.

    By Anonymous Christian Long, at 7/29/2007 9:18 PM  

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