Wednesday, August 29, 2007

There Is More

From a student's blog at Mars Hill Graduate School

It’s about the process.

If it’s about the person, then why do I, and others, feel so lost and strung along?

Because, it’s about the process.

Last semester A 3rd year counseling student told me, “Trust the process and don’t get discouraged. It works out in the end.” Yeah, and I’ll be able to run in Heaven, too.

The process is great, as long as you don’t forget that there are people involved.

Get involved in a process that is fast moving, and I can guarantee that you’ll be lost.

Stand up and say that you’re being missed or overrun by the process, and you’ll be asked why you fell that way; how are you sitting with that; and tell me more.

I’m sure the process is great if all we’re looking to do is to create drones and robots that ask “x” when “y” happens. Is that all?

The problem is, “x” is a great question and, in spite of the intentions, usually allows for great things to take place. Which leads me to my next beef…. Why do “great things” have to take place for meaning to occur?

Are we so numb to actual life that we must experience the mountain every time we sit down with someone? can we not experience a grain of sand and the impact that it has? Why does the process require of us to glorify Buber and the genuine meeting every time we sit down?

It’s about the process. Look out, you’ll end up in a ditch with a frown on your face and no smile…if you’re not careful.

There is more to be had, here at MHGS, here in my marriage, here with my kids, and more importantly, here with God.

There is more. Do you see it, do you know that you’re not getting it all? There’s more. This is not it.

Search for more. Be more. Ask for more. Invite more. God more.

Why are you doing life, not how are you doing it. Don’t how life, why it. Life is more than what works and what doesn’t, life is about bigger; about more. Not about a bigger house, but about a bigger dream, a bigger me, a bigger you…A bigger GOD.

The sum has to be greater than the parts, or the process will be the more. the process will end up being the end; and we’ll miss people. We’ll miss me and we’ll miss you.

We’ll miss God.

Why do you miss God? Don’t how the question, why it.

Why More?
Why God?

There. Is. More.


  • Great thoughts. It is so easy to get caught up in process (whether work, prayer, friendships) and forget the why. May we all recognize and live the why a bit more.

    By Blogger Jonathan Shradar, at 8/30/2007 9:56 AM  

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